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I am a BA (Hons) Communications in Creative Media Graduate at Dundalk Institute of Technology. I am based in Kildare and

I always had an interest in graphic and UI design but doing work experience in Kooba sparked my interest in UX.  

I have gained experience in Audio/Visual techniques, Web design, Sound design, 35mm Photography, Creative scriptwriting, Editorial and Branding Design & Creative Advertising.

I have skills in the Photoshop, Illustrator and Sketch App. 

When it comes to UI and UX, I want to make captivating designs across all platforms that provoke an enjoyable, yet seamless and functional experience. I am particularly interested in how the user thinks and the importance of reviewing data and analytics to understand this. I want to keep upskilling and improving my skills to design new solutions. I also aim to constantly improve on my skills within graphic design to broaden my skillset, complimenting my UI and UX skills. 

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